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Here’s a fun fact about one of our specials, “The Fontanini Philly”. What makes this Steak Bomb so fantastic is one of the ingredients, special steak sauce we use from Peter Lugor’s Restaurant in Manhattan. Anyway,
while watching the TV show Quantico on Network TV, they happened to mention the restaurant. It’s world famous and a Hot Spot in Manhattan NY.

Regrettably we will not be at our Splash location due to maintenance issues.
Thank for your understanding and please have a safe Memorial Day.

I was finally T the Right Place at the Right Time. Thanks to Robert Hocking you gave me more help than you could ever imagine today!

We just had 3 very young enthusiastic young men visit us on their lunch break when they heard we were gonna be here. They all ordered steak subs and a hot dog and I can HONESTLY say I’ve never seen food disappear so quickly. Thanks guys for stopping by!!!!